Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar. Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar.

Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar. Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar.

Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar. Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar.

Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar. Your journey from demo-dolly to the sales team’s rockstar.


This course is designed for sales engineers (beginners & advanced) and their teams that want to...
  • stand out against the competition by differentiating through discovery, demos, PoCs, workshops, and RfPs
  • learn how to shape a deal and how product differentiation works
    grow their sales engineering culture and self-image
  • be part of the account team instead of feeling pushed around
    learn how to avoid filling pages of pages of RfPs destined to be lost
  • understand how to use the Unexpected to their advantage
    to experience this famous and unique sales engineering course


  • Sales Engineers who prefer manipulation techniques and short-term oriented tactics over integrity, excellence and values
  • Sales Engineers who have seen it all and know it all–the course is designed for people with a sponge like mindset and not rocks
  • Teams who follow the “We have always done it that way” attitude
  • Sales Engineers who believe that technology alone will make their customers successful

Course overview box

Duration: 4, 8, or 12 weeks
Group training: 2 hrs/week
Individual coaching: 30 min/week
Style: 40% content / 60% exercises
Participants: 6-8 individuals
Trainer language: English or German
Content language: English
Specialty: Team leads/managers join for free
Price: 2000€, 2500€, 3000€/participant (VAT excluded)


  • Ongoing, opportunity-based coaching

Thinking out of the box

Instead of training out of the box

The hero’s journey course is the perfect incentive for your team. Maybe they achieved a sales goal or you want to gift them something special. If your team’s sales engineering self-image is flawed or it’s difficult for them to shape the deal cycle or to work with their AEs, please contact us. The weekly group training will be customized based on the individual coaching session for the most effective sales engineering training you can buy. Below is an example covering four training modules.

Module I


Duration: 2 hours

  • Your why
  • Principles
  • Positioning yourself
  • Positioning product
  • Unique exercises

Module II


Duration: 2 hours

  • Desk research
  • Discovery
  • Communication
  • Unique exercises

Module III


Duration: 2 hours

  • Deal qualification
  • Objection handling
  • Unique exercises

Module IV


Duration: 2 hours

  • Future skills
  • Category Design
  • Value selling tool
  • Your value
  • Unique exercises

Module N

  • Mindset & Positioning
  • Discovery
  • Qualification
  • Differentiation
  • Storytelling
  • Social Media
  • Objection handling
  • Collaboration
  • And custom modules on demand.
What our clients say

Dieser Kurs ist 100% empfehlenswert

“Patrick Pissangs »Heldenreise des Pre-Sales Consultants« hat unser Team mit neuen Ideen und Inspirationen zurückgelassen. Traditionell wird PreSales auf unzählige Demos und das Ausfüllen von RFP-Questionnaires reduziert. Aussergewöhnlich erfolgreiche PreSales Consultants verfolgen jedoch andere Strategien und haben Zugriff auf ein umfangreiches Repertoire and Skills und Methodiken. Wer diese kennenlernen möchte, für den ist dieser Kurs zu 100% empfehlenswert.”

Benedikt Lell

VP Solutions Consulting & Technical Sales

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)


The hero's journey for your technical consultants.

We are a team of presales engineers and had been looking for training that helps us to present our software to customers in a more lively and creative way and to enable better exchanges with customers.

We are highly satisfied with Patrick Pissang’s training. He quickly grasped our ideas and adjusted the content accordingly.

It was also great that there was a one-on-one with each participant beforehand, where you could express your wishes for the training and ask questions.

Patrick got us thinking with good questions.

I liked the motif of the training “Heroes’ journey of presales consultants” – to see yourself as a fantasy hero in a landscape where there is a lot to discover, to improve, and make more beautiful.

In the future, we may surprise a customer with a presentation that is quite different from the usual!

We learned a lot in a short time.

In role-playing games, we were able to try out specific situations that fit well into our everyday work but introduced new perspectives. We can absolutely recommend Patrick’s presales training.

Cornelia Thieme

Manager Presales DACH

Hexagon | MSC Software


Take “The hero’s journey of the Sales Engineer” to your team!

In April 2020 my team of Avast Business Sales Engineers and I went on “The hero’s journey of the Sales Engineer” with Patrick Pissangs training.
Patrick delivered the training divided in four clearly cut modules containing innovative content and focusing exclusively on Sales Engineers. He adjusted content based on the feedback from course to course, in order to make the training more relevant to our unique circumstances.
Patricks ideas and experience are motivating and helped my team to explore new ways to perform in their job. He also delivered the training fluently twice for the US/UK-based and the Germany-based team.
I only can recommend Patrick and “The hero’s journey” course to every B2B Sales Engineering team that is looking for new ways to stand out against the competition or needs a motivational boost for the team.

Oliver Kunzmann

Sales Engineer Manager (Global)

Avast Business

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Frequently asked questions
  • How can I be sure this is the right course for my team?

    When your sales engineering team is overwhelmed by opportunities. When they are passively following company and CRM processes. When they don't inspire clients with bold or creative ideas. When the average deal size doesn’t grow. When they have difficulties, position the value of your solution. When there are lots of complaints about wasted time, unqualified opportunities, and unprepared account executives. In summary, if your sales engineers are busier than the postman during Christmas, then this training is a perfect fit for your team.

  • How many team members can be trained simultaneously?

    The training accepts a maximum of 8 individuals. In addition to the team’s lead/manager.

  • Is it true that the team lead can join for no cost?


  • What other benefits does the individual get?

    You as a participant receive the following perks: A Gallup strengthsfinder test to assess your basic strengths. Weekly individual coaching sessions. A recalibrated self-image of you in the sales engineering role.

  • Is that course for individuals or for teams?

    The course is designed for B2B sales engineering teams. Mixing members of different teams worked very well and the learning experience especially in the role-play exercises can be greater.

  • What are the prerequisites for the course?

    The primary prerequisite is the wish to improve, to get pulled out of comfort zone, or to learn uncommon techniques. Each student is required to get the accompanying “The hero’s journey of the sales engineer” workbook from Amazon. Either Microsoft Powerpoint or a Google Account is needed to access the training slide deck. Check your CRM for some current opportunities, they should be top of mind for the exercises.

  • How much does the course cost?

    For each participating student, 1400€-2000€* will be charged, depending on the number of weeks booked. Four weeks cost 1400€ and eight weeks cost 2000€. The minimum is 6 and the maximum is 8 students. For a quote please contact: [email protected] (* doesn't include VAT; US and EU companies outside Germany typically don’t pay VAT, reverse charge)

  • What are the objectives of the hero's journey course?

    It lets you discover your strengths, refocusses your self-image as a sales engineer, and helps you develop your avatar. It shows you how to create time and be more successful in your role literally. It motivates you to be bolder, to take some creative risk, and therefore achieving more. It aligns to an ongoing opportunity of yours with practical exercises – you will come out of the course with a handful of value selling assets to be used in your opportunities. It provokes a paradigm shift: from demo-dolly to the rockstar of the sales team. It encourages new ways of working: if you want exceptional results, you need exceptional performance. It teaches sales concepts tailored to sales engineers – instead of participating in training designed for account executives. It provides you with discovery and qualification methodologies. It explains to you how the role of the sales engineer will develop and ideas on how to leverage that. It works with you on your brand positioning and product differentiation.

  • Will this training be held online?

    Yes, our training and coaching are delivered as Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). We are streaming professionally from a TV-studio-like environment for maximum student engagement and satisfaction. This is a high-quality course for sales engineers.


Patrick Pissang

Patrick is a sales engineer by heart, advocating a modern culture to technical selling: proactive instead of reactive, focusing on creative methodologies, and being themselves instead of a competitor-led.
Patrick successfully worked for the category-defining company MuleSoft from 2014 to 2018, continuously adding new ways of performing technical sales strategically. He found his niche in the team by leading the clients with the unexpected.
Patrick also trained the worldwide MuleSoft sales engineering team internally on methodologies he invented in the field.
Today, Patrick is the founder and lead trainer at Sales Hero GmbH; a company solely focused on making sales engineers successful in a highly competitive environment.
Patrick is of class 1981. He lives in Bavaria with his wife and two daughters.

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